Tools & materials

Business class

CMM uses only Quality, Business Class components.  This provides more reliability to prevent future problems.

User Terminals

CMM’s most basic help is with the users terminal.  We support Windows, Macintosh, and Linux users.


A healthy, well designed network, is a fast and happy network.


The right hardware and components for the right job.

Techologies I use

Technology changes fast.  CMM is on-top the industry with it’s newest developments.

Virtual Systems

Server Software

Backup Software

Network Diagnostic Software

Development Software

Recovery Software

Need more toys?

Computer mouse

While performing his work I use only the best computer mouse to perform your notification area as soon as possible. Because for me, the customer is the most important.

Network cable

I always carry a network cable, because very often they are the problem. Forewarned is forearmed. So remember is my concern, not yours.


Just like a computer mouse keyboard is very important. I use keyboards with a high threshold and a mechanical key system.

CMM Your tech department, when you need IT.