Hey, what's up with us?

We enjoy life, however we don't joke about IT.

Hi everyone, my name is Mister and  I’m Senior Jester at CMM.  It’s my job to provide happiness to the good people at CMM, which is absolutely no laughing mater.   There are no breaks and the stress load is immense.  I have to be in top jesting form every day which requires a substantial calorie diet.  But enough about myself, here is more about CMM and our commitment to excellence.
But before we begin let me first add that these guys work way too much.  I prefer to reach a full 16 hour sleep cycle starting at least an hour after waking up.  The good people at CMM work tirelessly to keep their customers networks up, computers updated, and software running requiring little to no sleep.

Computer Services

Business Consulting

  • Tune office efficiency
  • Insurance billing
  • Office protocal
  • Trim expenses
  • Increase revenue


  • We will design and build a custom secure network tailored for you
  • Secure wireless network for you and your employees, public wireless network for your clients
  • We only use Cat6 Plenum Rated cable to insure performance and scale-ability
  • VLan Configuration for data & voice


  • Proudly offering Allworx phones and servers
  • Freepbx, 3cx, and other services
  • SIP Trunking
  • VLan Configuration


  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Website design and development
  • Continued website maintenence
  • Marketing website online
years experience
bytes harmed
pounds of cat food digested
cat hours of sleep

Computer Services

Remote Desktop Support

  • Easily, let us hop in and fix it
  • Great for small problems, software glitches, training, ect


With our distributors we can provide you with the equipment you need at low prices.

Monitors, PC’s, Laptops, Switches, Phones, Routers, ect

Local & Cloud Backups

  • Continuous cloud backups
  • Local backups
  • 256 bit AES encryption

Servers, Linux, PC's, Oh my

  • Most of our client utilize the windows environment but we are true nerds, so naturally we work with Linux on our spare time.
  • Microsoft servers

Giving back

Teaching Kids

CMM is very proud to work with Programming Bytes, a education program which teaches kids to do computer programming.   Programming Bytes uses the Python programming language.

Learn more about Programming Bytes at www.programmingbytes.com

CMM, get your nerd on.